In Texas, the hazy line between what is legal and illegal in regards to Marijuana and it's more industrial (and less stoney) cousin Hemp was made a little clearer with the latest publication from the Texas Register.  The state is required to publish certain documents and declarations that fundamentally change the legal landscape of the Lone Star State, and one such document clearly removes Hemp from the list of banned substances.

According to the filing, Hemp will no longer be listed as a controlled substance as of April 5th of this year.  The plant resembles marijuana almost exactly, but has none of the psychoactive effects.  That didn't keep Hemp from being labeled dangerous and placed under schedule 1 status (reserved for drugs with no medicinal value) by the Marketing Act of 1946.

This should legally clear those who want to use Hemp for non-medical purposes like textiles.  However, The fate of medical products (like CBD oil) made from completely legal hemp remains unclear.

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