Monday morning my friend and I were coordinating getting together around lunchtime. She would be driving all the way from Ruston, Louisiana so she had some windshield time ahead of her. She loaded up her 4-month-old baby boy and headed to Shreveport.

All Of a Sudden There Was a Blow Out on I-20

No, it wasn't her baby boy who had a blowout, my friend Sarah claims that she was worried her entire wheel fell off because she saw what looked like an entire wheel rolling away from her vehicle going 70 miles per hour down Interstate 20.

Sarah Jeffords
Sarah Jeffords

My Friend Pulled Over and Was Mortified to See Her Tire Blew Out and She Didn't Have a Spare.

What happens if you do have a spare but you're on the side of the road and cars aren't moving over to the left lane? You're putting yourself in danger. Don't do it. Luckily for my friend Sarah and her baby, someone showed up to help.

Sarah Jeffords
Sarah Jeffords

Louisiana State Trooper Capon Pulled Over and Turned His Lights On

My friend Sarah was calling every single tow truck company within a 50-mile radius and no one was willing to help. Trooper Capon would not leave her there, he claimed that people don't move to the left lane as they should and he wasn't going to leave her and her baby stranded. Another Trooper pulled over to help and he started helping make calls as well. Trooper Capon and Trooper Nash were dedicated to helping a stranded mother and baby.

Finally a Tire Shop Out of Ruston Sent Over a Mechanic to Help

Did the Troopers call it a day after that? Nope, Trooper Capon followed her to a nearby gas station and pumped her gas for her.

Thank You, Trooper Capon and Trooper Nash with Troup G

My friend Sarah and her baby boy would have been stranded for several more hours if it wasn't for you gentlemen showing up and helping who knows how many more hours they would have been there. Thank you for going the extra mile for our community.

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