What does a country star, Prince and LSU have to do with one another?

Back in May, Darius Rucker found himself performing in Baton Rouge at Bayou Country Superfest. It's not uncommon for Darius to sing a cover of Prince's "Purple Rain" while on stage. It is however, uncommon to dedicate it to LSU football coach, Les Miles, of all people.

It all sounds so weird, but go with me on this one.

Darius is an alum of South Carolina. You may recall all of the flooding that took place in South Carolina. It prevented the Gamecocks from playing their game against the Tigers on their home field. Les opened the doors f Tiger Stadium and the two faced each other in Baton Rouge instead.

The Tigers made sure it felt like a home game for South Carolina as much as possible.

Darius remembers the Gamecocks being treated so well while in Death Valley, so the next time he found himself back in Baton Rouge, during Bayou Country Superfest, he took it as an opportunity to thank Coach Miles and LSU.

What he doesn't seem to remember was LSU stomping South Carolina that day, 45-24. #GeauxTigers