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We're reviewing our 12 Most Popular Videos of 2015. If you've seen the first half of the list, you know what's going on, if not, here you go...

In 2015 we tried to make sure we shot enough video to keep you and involved, engaged, and entertained by our shenanigans. That means we shot a lot of video in our studio, during interviews, and at our events. Just to share with you!

So let's get into the second half of the list. Hopefully you're caught up with Part 1, so you know that videos from pre-2015 can make the list, because you guys still like to watch them. But this one is a little different, we're starting Part 2 with Phil Anselmo:

Phil Anselmo Talks Pantera Reunion
This video is actually from 2015, but the interview is from 2014. It came back up in 2015 when it was announced that Phil Anselmo was coming to Shreveport with his Superjoint reunion tour.

Another Look Inside Geek'd Con
Shreveport's only comic-con hit in 2015 with Geek'd Con, and WOW, what an event...

Adult Film Star Kayden Kross Talks About Charlie Sheen's HIV Announcement 
One of the biggest stories of the year nationally was Charlie Sheen's HIV announcement. Just days later, adult film star Kayden Kross stopped by the 99X World Headquarters, and was willing to talk about Sheen's announcement, and it's impact on the adult industry

More Aerial Footage Of The Red River Flood 
The biggest story of 2015 in the Shreveport/Bossier area in 2015 was the legendary flooding of the Red River.

Geek'd Con Features The Voices Of Your Childhood
At Geek'd Con 2015, we saw (heard) the voices of our childhood cartoons morph into the characters of Star Wars...and we loved every minute of it.

Some of the Most Popular Porn Stars Play Card Games With 99X
Porn legend Joanna Angel, and her friend Jessie Lee, came into the 99X World Headquarters to play Cards Against Humanity. Even though we played an abridged version, it was still full of ti...laughs! It was LAUGHS.

Well, that's the list. Hope you enjoyed it.

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