I have been on a new health journey that requires me to workout twice a day. One of my workouts must be outside. I normally opt for a simple walk however when I went out of town I went hiking and I fell in love with the change of scenery and the excitement of discovering a new area. I asked my friend if she wanted to go on more hikes when we got back home and she said, find places to hike and let's do it.

I set out to find out where everyone in Shreveport-Bossier goes to hike the stress away. I was surprised when there was a lot of research on my end. There are surprisingly very few trails to enjoy when it comes to the Ark-La-Tex, however, I took the hard work out of it for you.

If I missed a cool hiking spot, just comment below and let me know what hot hiking spot I missed. I am all about discovering new adventures.


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