Sure, they churn butter and wear dull clothing, but that doesn't mean the Amish don't know what's up! And a little lack of electricity  doesn't mean you can't get all fast and furious. Last week in Ashland, Ohio, tragedy was barely averted when an Amish drag race went wrong. 21-year-old Jacob Raber and another Amish guy (name not released) were racing their horse-and-buggies . . . to church.  Jacob tried to pass the other guy on a single-lane rural road, but when he crossed the center line, he clipped a car.  No one was hurt in the crash . . . including the the horse. . . but police were called to the scene.  Jacob was charged with driving left of center.  The other horse-and-buggy drag racer wasn't charged. Jacob will serve 30 days...listening to Ke$ha on an Ipod under fluorescent lighting.

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