If you shop on Airline chances are you have experienced the anger of having to go "the long way" in the Kroger/Walmart parking lot. That chainlink fence was the reason I would cuss under my breath. Why is a chainlink fence necessary? Why do Kroger and Walmart need to blatantly put their hate for each other out for all of us to see?

I remember leaving Walmart to head to Kroger to finish my grocery shopping and wondering what would happen if I just rammed through the chainlink fence. What is the purpose of that fence anyway? Besides it causing us to have to get back on Airline just to get into another parking lot.

Krystal Montez
Krystal Montez

Turns out, it doesn't matter anymore. The chainlink fence has been removed. Did someone finally lose it and just ram it over? Will the fence stay gone? The Berlin Wall of Bossier is down. I am so happy that Kroger and Walmart settled their differences.

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