Welcome to VD -- that's Valentine's Day. If you are in need of a date for that special day, that's one thing, but if you plan on dipping the wick it's going to cost you. But not as much as you may think.

According to Seeking Arrangement, a website that specializes in financially beneficial relationships (meaning you pay her, she sleeps with you), in order to be rewarded with lovemaking on Valentine's Day men have to shell out $218 on the whole date.

Supposedly, this site does bang-up business at this time of year with older/married men who want to get laid by a woman who is old enough to be their daughter.

According to the site:

Valentine's Day was a holiday created for women, everything from chocolate hearts to pink and red cards leaves women with a heightened sensitivity to romance. It's no secret that men look to capitalize on their vulnerability in hopes of entering a new relationship, or get rewarded with lovemaking.

Their survey found that 77 percent celebrate Valentine's Day for the sex. However, that "piece has a price." The site broke down the cost by relationship status:

Single: $257: Dinner or Activity

Married: $203: Presents

Committed Relationship: $180: Presents

They claim that the results are based on "the average man," which assumes that the "average man" is looking for a sexual relationship through a website that helps them find an affair that will cost them more money -- effectively making them a "Sugar Daddy."