Welcome to that time of year, where you have to get all dressed up just to make rounds and rounds in the kitchen looking your best. This time of year, whether we like it or not, we spend time with family. Here are some Do's and Don'ts for you to remember when you see your family.



  1. Make a list and check it twice. Did you remember the pie that's in the oven? What about the Christmas presents you wrapped last night? BRING THOSE WITH YOU.
  2. Fill up the flask. If granny isn't down with mimosas and spiked eggnog, you probably want to sneak the jolly into your drink. I'll have a crown and coke please, hold the judgment.
  3. Compliment the college student who actually showed up to Christmas on time without bloodshot red eyes.
  4. Help clean up. Don't leave granny in the kitchen to clean all by herself. Men this includes you too. Yeah, the La-Z-Boy is great, want to know what else is great? A man who takes out the trash without being asked to!
  5. Jump in. If you're spending Christmas with your other half for the first time let everyone get to know you, be a part of the crazy games. Have fun, let loose. See number 2 if you need some liquid courage.


  1. Bring up politics. We get it, government ain't right.
  2. Bring up exes. Leave them in the past, as everyone else has.
  3. Show up without food. Is there anything worse than someone who just shows up to eat and brings nothing to the table?
  4. Show up late. Don't be the reason the gift exchange gets delayed.
  5. Ask when are you getting married? How are your grades? Unless you plan to pay for a wedding or tuition, keep those questions to yourself.

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