I recently learned that all of the arrest records in Florida are made publicly available due to a the Government in the Sunshine Act.  That means that every single detail of illegal exploits and law-breaking adventures in the Sunshine State are published (for lack of a better term) for any citizen to peruse.  That's one reason why we hear so many absolutely insane stories from Florida.  That doesn't explain why there are a disproportionate number of folks who briefly turn cannibalistic zombie after smoking Clorox bleach (or something to that effect).

The crazy thing about that last sentence is: You probably can't tell if I made it up, or that it actually happened and you don't remember it because it fades in the background of the rest of the crazy stories from Florida.  I totally made it up by the way.  Now you can have that same crazy Florida fun with a Cards Against Humanity meets Mad Libs card game called Floridaman.

So technically, the game isn't available in stores yet - but the makers of the game have a pretty healthy start on Kickstarter for the capitol needed to get the swamp-ball rolling.  At last check, the project from Secret Headquarters had close to 100 backers and roughly a third of it's goal of $15,000.

You play the game by selecting the judge and the players.  The Judge throws out a card with a real Florida Man - style headline.  The players use their cards to fill in the blanks with crazy, Floridaman-esque answers.  The goal is to make the most believable (and funny) Florida headline.  If you really want to play, you can become a backer and get an early version of the game directly from the manufacturers.

My greatest hope is that we can get a Louisianaman game out of this.

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