By now we've all heard of some of the ridiculous demands rock and pop artists insert into their contracts with concert promoters.   Over the years we've heard about Van Halen's insistence that there be "no brown M&Ms" in their dressing room; Jennifer Lopez's demand for a "white room with white flowers, white tables, white curtains, etc., etc., etc.; and Metallica's 24 page novel of necessary items for their backstage enjoyment.

Nothing like that for the Foo Fighters.  Head Foo Dave Grohl says he can live on "microwave burritos and Crown Royal".  He says most of the items on the Foo Fighters contract rider is for the road crew.  He tells Rolling Stone:

Most of the rider is meant to make sure the road crew are fed properly. Those guys show up at seven o’clock in the morning and they don’t leave until two o’clock the next morning.

With that in mind, the Foo Fighters rider is written with tongue in cheek by Tour Manager Gus Brandt, who has become somewhat famous for his comedic take on the notorious artist contract rider.  This year's edition includes a ten page coloring book for promoters to doodle on, and a word-square, that when solved, reveals the secret message “Don’t forget the bacon,” – a nod to Metallica’s rider which asks for the meat to be available at every meal.

For your dining and dancing (and coloring) pleasure, I've passed along to you a few pages of the Foo rider.  Don't forget to color inside the lines.  Extra credit for neatness.