I don't care what ANYONE says, the WWE delivered the best WrestleMania it has in years. We had moments of joy, moments of shock and moments of sadness. It was an emotional rollercoaster. But, the biggest moment of the evening (not including the finale to the Undertaker v Reigns match), happened during the Raw Ladder match. Because we saw the return of two of the biggest stars in the Wrestling world and WWE history, Matt and Jeff Hardy.

Now, it has been speculated for weeks now that the Hardys were coming back home. But, despite knowing it was going to probably happen, it was still a HUGE moment. As soon as the old school Hardy Boys music hit, the entire stadium erupted! I hadn't a reaction like that in quite some time.

Now, I'm not quite sure what will happen moving forward. Will the Hardys still be 'Broken'. Will they create a new Universe? Will they go after the Smackdown titles as well? I guess time will tell. But, right now, I'm just happy to see the Boys back in town and that Jeff is still crazy as hell.


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