It's no secret that the Kinks had some issues.  The band famously fought both on and off stage, and it eventually tore the band apart.  Now, it seems as though the decades of bickering may be coming to an end - and a Kinks reunion may have already begun.

Brothers Ray and Dave Davies, along with drummer Mick Avory formed a band called the Ravens when they were in High School.  Later the addition of bassist Pete Quaife would round out the sound, and the group changed their name to the Kinks.  The fights started well before this, however, as Ray and Dave were the only boys in a 10-child household.  The brothers were accustomed to fighting with one another for attention, a phenomenon that would eventually tear the band apart.  Mick was no stranger to fighting as well.  Dave Davies famously started a fight with the drummer on stage during a gig in 1965.  Avory responded by knocking him out cold with a cymbal stand.  That fight would be the nail in the coffin for their US touring plans - the band received a 4-year ban from playing in the states.  The Kinks would fight and make-up until 1996, when they officially walked away from each other for good.

Rumors about attempted reconciliations and possible reunion shows have swirled for years, but after Pete Quaife passed away in 2010 - the likelihood of that happening became less and less.  According to last weeks interview with the UK's Telegraph, that very thing is already happening.  Ray Davis claims to have patched things up between his brother, Mick Avory, and himself so well - they are already in the studio making new Kinks music!

No word on betting odds for their next spectacular break-up, but I imagine Dave Davies puts a healthy distance between himself and the cymbal stands these days.

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