With KEEL's Matt Parker back from his mini-vacation to Memphis, the producer of the Robert and Erin Morning Show talked about his excursion, including a trip to the Blues Hall of Fame and his "never miss" stop, Rendezvous Ribs.

But, in the midst if it all, Matt passed along a little known legend, involving Elvis Presley and Hall of Fame baseball announcer Harry Carey, an odd drinking duo if one ever existed.

A quick summary of the tale from mlb.com:

"In the mid-1960s, while Caray was broadcasting Cardinals games on KMOX radio, he was also announcing games for the St. Louis Billikens. And one night, while the Billikens were playing at Memphis State, Presley, already a fan of Caray from listening to Cards games, beckoned the broadcaster to come to Graceland. He sent a car to the field house after the game and the two hung out all night together -- Presley playing music and Caray (hopefully) singing. They even ordered some ribs for dinner...at 5am."

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