What kind of animals do you own that are not dogs or cats?

Growing up, the word "pet" always mean dogs or cats to me. That's all we had while growing up. Even now, I have the cutest dog in the entire world, Ollie. However, I had cousins that had other pets. In fact, one cousin had an iguana and a ferret. As much as I loved the ferret (which stunk), I was just as terrified of the iguana.

There's a whole wild world when it comes to pets.

I've known people to own hamsters, turtles, horses, goats, chickens, snakes, lizards, birds... you name it. Looking beyond the dog and cat world, there are some popular pets out there. And, not surprisingly, each state has its own must-have pet. Thanks to Insider, we have the entire list sorted alphabetically by state.

Louisiana's most popular pet (other than a dog or cat) is a bird.

It's no wonder we're named the Pelican State. Not that anyone is raising pelicans out there, but birds are a viable pet option. Unless you're afraid of birds, of course. In fact, Insider says they are the third most popular pet in Louisiana.

Have you ever owned a bird?

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