Blowing up on Youtube currently is this song that a young girl named Rebecca Black did. She just sang it and did not write it. Instead a recording company that hands out discarded songs did. The video and song was purchased in a package by Rebecca's mom to give her daughter some experience because Rebecca wants to be a singer. Check the video***WARNING***IF YOU ARE CURRENTLY EXPERIENCING DEPRESSION AND HAVE SUICIDAL TENDENCIES THEN DO NOT WATCH THIS BECAUSE IT WILL FINISH THE JOB***WARNING***

Ok now that you've seen it, let's rip it a new a**hole shall we? Whoever produced this is the ultimate in idiot technology. From the other videos we have watched of her, she actually has a pretty and unique voice, but this made her sound like a cracked out  robot that runs on helium. At one time, Tom's ears started bleeding and we were forced to cut it off three quarters of the way through because of Chick's heart condition. We dodged a bullet there. Notice the lyrics. It keeps repeating how it's Friday and then naming off all the other days of the week. I couldn't decide whether I was watching a music video or a video that Sesame Street cut due to the fact that even mentally handicapped children were asking if this $&*# was for real. WE KNOW THE DAYS OF THE WEEK FOR GOD'S SAKE!!!! Then again, I'm sure there are some teens out there that don't know their days of the week. We know this because every time they take a spelling test and get the word "bananas", they chant that stupid song. So it may do some good in the world but we feel like it will only do more harm. We advise people who are taking depression medication to not watch the video because if they do, prepare for a lot of toasters going into bathtubs.

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