I'm not exactly sure how the tooth fairy makes money.  Is there some sort of black market for children's teeth?  On second thought, I don't want to know if that is the case - but the money is coming from somewhere.  Back in 1998, the Original Tooth Fairy Poll started pulling data and watching the fluctuations in the tooth fairy market.  The most recent survey shows that kids in the U.S. received 11% less for their teeth in 2017 then they did in 2016.  The average American payout from the Tooth Fairy last year was down from $4.66 to $4.13.

Those numbers aren't static across the globe, as it seems teeth vary in value from country to country.  In England the average price is $4.13, in Canada it's $5.25, and in Japan - it's a whopping 70 bucks!  Fairy analysts have noted that the changes in the national economy usually correlate directly to the rise and fall of discarded tooth values, last year was first exception to that rule.

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