If only the hurricane season could be like the Saints' season, one and done. What? The Saints have more games to play? Despite what many Saints fans are saying there are a few more games left in the season. And Mother Nature has more tropical trouble to spin up in the very warm waters of the tropical Atlantic Ocean before hurricane season ends.

Hurricane Jose is the big focal point for tropical forecasters right now. The system has been a major hurricane but is now weakened to a category one storm. Jose is expected to finally make a big swinging turn out to sea in the next few days.

If you thought we'd be getting a bit of a breather you'd be wrong. There are two more areas of tropical concern the National Hurricane Center is watching. Both of these areas of disturbed weather are in the far eastern Atlantic.

Both of these areas of disturbed weather are in the "wait and watch" category. Over the next five days, one of the systems has been given a 40% probability to strengthen into a cyclone, the other a 30% probability. The forecast motion of both systems is generally west. This might be a concern over time but not anytime really soon.

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