Remember the Viral Video of the Kitten Ambush?

This video was a cuteness overload. A man was driving down the road and saw a kitten, he then pulled around to pick it up.

The Kitten Had 12 Other Friends Waiting for a Ride to a Forever Happy Home.

Once the Louisiana man pulled over to pick up the kitten, twelve other kittens ran out of the tall grass. Check out the viral video below.

Robert Brantley told FOX13 News that he pulled over to get the kitten because his wife had been wanting a cat for the farm, of course, he didn't expect a total of thirteen kittens to come out of the tall grass.

Wondering What It Looks Like to Pile Thirteen Kittens Into a Car?

Check out the Instagram video below that Brantley posted on his account below.




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The Good News is All the Louisiana Kittens Have Found Homes.

Isn't it awesome that this story went viral? Now the kittens never have to worry about not having a safe place to lay their heads at night. Hopefully, they all get spayed and neutered so this issue doesn't happen again.

The kitten that initially caught Brantley's attention is the one that he and his wife have decided to keep, the kitten's name is Scout.

Please Spay and Neuter Your Pets.

As you can see we have a serious puppy and kitten issue in Louisana and we need to make sure that all pets have homes, many stories don't have a happy ending like this one did.

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