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In case the scope of how many infections is lost on you, I wanted to take the current numbers and put them into terms we could all understand.  According NOLA.com, the latest numbers (reported Saturday) show that the great state of Louisiana had 12,496 confirmed and reported cases of infection of Coronavirus, and 409 deaths.

Shreveport's long venerated performance hall and sports venue, Hirsch Memorial Coliseum, seats 10,000 folks.  That means you could pack the home of the Mudbugs full to capacity with the confirmed cases in our state and still have close to 3,000 people lined up outside who couldn't find seats.

If we apply the same math to the legendary Shreveport Municipal Auditorium (The "Muni"), you'll see that we could fill this storied music hall to capacity (3,200 people) 4 times over.

via shreveport-bossier.org
via shreveport-bossier.org

If this horrible pandemic was a live show at the beautiful and historic Strand Theater downtown (Seating 1,536 + 75 if you fill the Chandelier Room), you would likely have to wait a bit to see it.  The total number of folks who have contracted this terrible virus could fill this downtown venue almost 8 and 1/2 times.

Honestly, we're a little over a thousand confirmed cases from being able to fill the CenturyLink Center in Bossier City! (Seating 14,000)

George Strait's The Cowboy Rides Away Tour 2014 - Bossier City, LA
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My point is this: I miss these awesome places, and the shows I've seen there.  If we want to get back to them as soon as possible, we will have to stay away from them and the crowds that fill them for a while longer.

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