A lot of folks are starting to make vacation plans right now.  I'm not sure if it's the cabin fever that sets in the winter, the need to escape the anxiety that comes with the holidays, or the proximity to a highly anticipated tax return - but the vacation jitters are definitely affecting people everywhere.

If you're looking for something close and unusual, I've found the perfect vacation for you - but, you must love llamas.  Imagine if you will, a Irish castle nestled just Northeast of Dallas/Ft. Worth where you and your family could take a royal carriage ride around a beautiful lake - all while hanging with the most adorable royal llamas!  It's real, and it's called "Shangrillama."

Over 50 llamas call the castle home, and they all have adorable names like Como T Llama, Barack O’Llama, and the recently knighted Sir Lance-O-Llama.  The castle and grounds are ready to host events like your wedding, birthday, office party, or any celebration that could be improved by adding llamas.  They even offer "Llama Llessons" and serve "llamanade."

Find out more about your next getaway (with llamas) here.

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