Parker Mccollum will be taking over the Shreveport Municipal Thursday night, October, 21st.

Parker is bringing a friend along to get the party started and a lot of people may recognize this face even though he's never performed in Shreveport before.

@william_beckmannReply to @adriennecrosbytorcivia♬ original sound - William Beckmann


William Beckmann is a name you should probably learn.

Not just because he has a sense of humor, but because he sounds, unlike anything you've ever heard. This sound is clearly working for him, and if people keep catching on it won't be long until he's coming back around introducing us to new artists. How does one describe his old school sound? You just have to hear it.

Oh, I forgot to mention, he can sing in Spanish too!


@william_beckmann The Listening Room- Nashville, TN (this was a socially distanced show) Follow me on insta ##mariachi ##country ##williambeckmann ##music ##foryou ##mexico ♬ original sound - William Beckmann

Chances are you have probably already heard William Beckman on Kiss Country 93.7.

"Bourbon Whiskey" has been playing on Radio Texas Live with Buddy Logan and the Ark-La-Tex loves this new sound.

What many people don't know about William is that he wrote "Bourbon Whiskey" when he was just 19 years old.

He's a genius at what he does, so much that he has a publishing deal with Warner Chappell. You might see him pop up on the road alongside Randy Rogers and Wade Bowen.

I blame William Beckmann's father for the shortage of Topo Chico around the U.S.

If you're thinking that William looks familiar and it isn't from his music, his dad is one of my favorite people to follow on TikTok, I blame his dad for making Ranch Water famous. Seriously, his dad was filmed making ranch water in April of 2020, and all of a sudden, BAM, ranch water everywhere. How do we know his dad is to blame for the Topo Chico shortage? Many people didn't make these "skinny margs" with topo before. They certainly didn't call them "ranch water" either. Here's the video that made me discover the Beckmann family.

@alexahyslopWEST TEXAS RANCH WATER! EASY & SIMPLE #hyslopfam #drinks #ranchwater #texas #fortworth #border #mextex #parents #cocktail ♬ Classical Music - Classical Music

I know so many George Strait songs it’s unreal. Glad to be back on Tiktok. Sorry I’ve been gone. ##williambeckmann ##country ##georgestrait ##hyslopfam
♬ original sound - William Beckmann

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