Geek'd Con is Shreveport's ONLY Comic Con. Event though the event will be a Pop Culture event, with guests from legendary movies, cartoons, and hit TV shows, the foundation of the event is built in the comic book world.

There are comic writers and artists from some of the biggest titles in comics, like X-Men, Deadpool, Batman, Iron Man, Spider-Man, and a ton more. Check out some of the comic guests:

Steven B. Scott - Artist on Batman, X-Men, Hulk and more:

Victor Gischler - Writer on X-Men, Deadpool, Punisher, and more:

Joe Eisma - Eisner-Award Nominated Artist for Morning Glories, also worked on Regular Show and GI Joe:

Jason Starr - Writer for Wolverine:MAX, The Sandman, and this summer's Ant-Man film prose novel:

Sam de la Rosa - Artist for Venom, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Star Wars, Captain America, and more: 

Ben Dunn - Artist, Writer, and Founder of Antarctic Press, and Creator of the Marvel Mangaverse:

Jake Wyatt - Artist on Batgirl, Adventure Time, Edge of Spider-verse, Regular Show, and more:

Most of the comic artists will be available for sketches and commission work (generally at a price) and the writers will be available to sign their work all weekend!


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