How perfect are these for your fourth of July party?

In my family, Pinterest is a must when in comes to holiday get togethers. It seems like my cousins and I are always trying to outdo one another with fancy dishes. Well this year, I think I'll take the cake by getting everyone drunk so they'll believe I am the champ.

Thank goodness for delish.

I found this video for an adorable cherry bomb recipe. With Fireball and vodka, everyone is sure to be bombed by the end of it.

Of course, not everyone likes Fireball or vodka, and the two together can sound a little nauseating. So I've come up with separate recipes.

Also, melting chocolate is so super star level 73 that I can't even deal, so I chose cans of whipped frosting instead.

The first combo is to soak the cherries in Fireball, dip them in vanilla whipped frosting and then roll in blue cylinder sprinkles. The second combo is for the vodka lovers, soak cherries in whipped cream flavored vodka, then dip in cinnamon bun frosting (whipped if you can find it) and roll in blue sugar sand.

Serve slightly chilled and let the fireworks commence.

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