The State of Texas is riding a wave of great economic news recently. It was revealed this week that the state had historic highs in their labor market during the 2023 calendar year. According to the Texas Workforce Commission, the state smashed the record for job growth, and leads the nation as well.

KTSM-TV reports the State of Texas led the nation by a full percentage point, growing at a 2.7% pace in 2023.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott told YourBasin:

"Texas truly is America’s jobs engine, adding more jobs in 2023 than any other state. Perhaps the greatest testament to the strength of the Texas model of expanding opportunity can be summed up in four simple words: More Texans are working. More Texans are working today than ever before in our state’s history as we lead the nation in job creation and break record after record for total employment."

Abbott added that the State of Texas workforce is now larger than the state populations of 46 other states. Yes, the workforce in Texas is larger than every man, woman, and child in 92% of the states in America.

But, it's not all good news from Texas border to Texas border. There are some areas in Texas that are trending behind the growth the state has seen as a whole. Including the El Paso area. KTSM-TV says that the El Paso metro area ranked 24th out of 25 Texas regions. They said leaders in that region are concerned about ways to attract and keep young professionals.

Here are some of the other areas that are dealing with high unemployment in Texas...

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