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OK, we're getting down to the wire.  If you haven't gotten a gift for everyone on your list, you better get on it because December 25th is right around the corner.  "It's over two weeks away, I've got plenty of time," you say - but, did you factor in shipping times?

According to the U.S. Post Office, UPS, and FEDEX - you've got until the 15th of this month until shipping costs to get your package to it's destination before Christmas get higher than Rudolph's antlers!  That means, you got roughly 1 week to get the gift in the mail before it's a post-Christmas present.

Relax, getting a great present that isn't sold out everywhere is easy.  In fact, you can get the most popular gift in the entire state of Louisiana under the tree with plenty of time to spare.  According to KLFY, the gift most people want in the Bayou State is an air-fryer!*

Here's what makes this gift so cool: you can find them everywhere!  Because it's made by several different manufacturers, with a wide array of functions, prices, and included accessories - they are plentiful online and in your local stores.  In fact, I just found the this air-fryer/convection oven/dehydrator on Amazon - and you can have under the tree by Saturday!

*If you're getting this for the love of your life, please test the waters with a statement like "So-and-so from work is getting his/her significant other for Christmas..."  Make your final decision based on their reaction, not my advice.  I am not responsible for divorces, breakups, cold shoulders, or injuries.

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