If you're an SEC football fan, you've probably seen D.K. Metcalf play. The Ole Miss wide receiver was an athletic freak, who single-handedly ran the Rebels offense last season. The guy can out jump anyone, rip a ball away from any defensive back, and can outrun nearly anyone else on the field.

But a new photo of Metcalf, from his training for the NFL Draft, shows that Metcalf can apparently out-lift any of his peers in the gym too...

The Ole Miss athletic website lists him at 6-4, 240 lbs...but this pic looks more like 6-4, 260 lbs.

For reference, JJ Watt (defensive end) of the Houston Texans is 6-5, 288lbs. Von Miller (edge rusher) of the Denver Broncos is 6-3, 250 lbs. While LSU star and future First Round NFL Draft pick Devin White (a linebacker) is 6-1, 240 lbs.

So Metcalf, a wide receiver, looks like he's going to be the size of an edge rusher in the NFL, while being faster and more athletic than the players at those positions. That concept is pretty crazy.

Twitter wasn't thinking about the metrics, as much as the memes. Here's a quick sampling of the Tweets this picture spawned.


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