If you're a professional poker player, you're probably a douche to begin with. Salomon Ponte is a professional poker player, and also a huge douche. This video is proof.

Ponte won some poker tournament in Florida, eliminating five people in the process. Yes, that is impressive and it's good for him that he won the tournament. But in an interview after his victory, he acts like he's the best person ever.

First, it's hard to say you're "the best" at poker because a lot of the game doesn't involve skill. So, he's already wrong there. Second, he spends the interview talking about how every other player sucks and he's not surprised that he won. Third, he kept showing his hat and pointing to his shirt because they had his stupid logo that he made up on them. Fourth, he wears his hat like an idiot.

All of these things together are the true definition of a douchebag, and Ponte definitely is that.

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