By Now We Have All Seen the Scary Videos After Tornados Pummeled Texas.

Austin, Dallas, and Houston areas were all under a tornado watch. It feels like most of the Ark-La-Tex was under a tornado watch. We woke up to a very scary sight all over East Texas.

It's No Secret That a Tornado Happens Just Like That.

You can be out doing your regular day-to-day tasks and out of nowhere you see a tornado coming your way, what do you do? A TikTok video out of Round Rock, Texas has us all cheering on a Walmart hero. During yesterday's severe weather outbreak in Round Rock, an employee of a local Walmart is yelling and telling people to find safety from the tornado inside of the store. Many claim that this hero probably saved some lives since the aftermath of the storm left many of the vehicles in the parking lot destroyed.

Check Out The Harrowing Video Below.

@officialfoxweather During a severe weather outbreak in Round Rock, #Texas, an employee urges customers to safety inside a #Walmart Supercenter possibly saving their lives. #tornado #severeweather #austin #texastornado #hero ♬ original sound - officialfoxweather

What Does It Look Like When a Roof is Ripped Off a Home By a Tornado?

I Have Several Friends in Upshur County Texas. At this time we don't know how many tornados touched down in the Gilmer area but I have seen several people claim that their friends lost their homes to a tornado.

@officialfoxweather #Drone footage shows a #tornado ripping the roof off a house in Elgin, #Texas on March 21. #severeweather #stormdamage #dronevideo #elgintexas ♬ Breaking News Background Music (Basic A)(1001538) - LEOPARD

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