This month World of Wheels will be rolling into The Shreveport Convention Center from the 19th-21st...and this year they're busting out the big guns of pro-wrestling. Earlier this month, we talked about WWE Hall of Fame member Kevin Nash joining the fun, this time we're talking about current TNA World Champion Matt Hardy.

Not only is Hardy the current TNA champ, but he's also a WWE and ECW legend. Over his career, he's held 3 world championships, 2 with TNA (including his current title reign) as well as winning the ECW World Championship once.

He may be most known for his tag-team glory in the WWF era of WWE, when he teamed with his brother Jeff to form The Hardy Boyz (and Team Extreme). As a tag-team wrestler, he's held 9 tag-team championships between WWF, WWE, WCW, and TNA. He's also held the WWE US Championship, Cruiserweight Championship, European Championship, and Hardcore Championship.

World of Wheels is giving you a chance to meet Matt Hardy later this month when he visits The Shreveport Convention Center on Saturday, February 20th.

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