Mötley Crüe have been the bad boys of rock n' roll for well over 30 years now. Consuming massive amounts of drugs, alcohol and women. However on this day 25 years ago, the party came screeching to an almost permanent hault...

In 1987, the same year the band released their hair-metal hit Girls, Girls Girls, Nikki Sixx shot up so much heroin that he was actually declared dead. He was loaded into an ambulance and then pumped with two adrenaline shots by paramedics (one of whom, Sixx recalled later, was a Crüe fan). The rocker came to instantly . . . upon which he immediately escaped from the ambulance, coerced a ride back to his home, promptly took more heroin, and passed out.

This wasn't an isolated event, either. As he recalls in his book, he was the only heroin-addicted member in the band, and he overdosed "about half a dozen times." This instance, however, inspired the band's riotous anthem "Kickstart My Heart" and prompted Sixx to go into rehab shortly thereafter. Focused and healthy, he was able to lend killer basslines to the group's next album, the seminal Dr. Feelgood.

To celebrate 30+ years of rock and Nikki dodging a near fatal bullet, here are some famous Nikki Sixx moments: