Rage Against the Machine fans wondering where the band fits in with Tom Morello’s recent flurry of activity with the upcoming Justice Tour, as well as his solo project, the Nightwatchman, now have their answer.

While he promises that the personal relationships between the band members are fine, Morello says Rage is on hold — at least for now.

“I completely understand [that] people want to hear that we’re in the studio making a record — we are not, I’m sorry,” Morello revealed during a recent radio appearance. “Everybody in the band gets along great. We just played the LA Rising festival this year, [and] that was super fun and a great way to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the first time we were in a room. But I promise you, if there is going to be Rage music or a Rage tour — we’ll let you know. It’s not gonna be kept secret. It will be announced. Right now, there is nothing so there’s nothing to announce.”

The downtime is at least partly due to lessons learned from the past, according to Morello, who says Rage has learned it isn’t “a band that operates according to album cycles or anything like that. We did that back in the ’90s and it made everybody crazy and we didn’t get along because of it. Now when we want to do something — we do it. When we want to do a tour or play a show or write a song — we’ll do it … and we’ll let you know [laughs].”

In the meantime, Morello returns to his Nightwatchman persona for ‘World Wide Rebel Songs,’ due out Tuesday. For fans who view the Nightwatchman records as a lesser side project, he says “This is not some sort of vanity project or side project, it’s something that I’ve really put my heart and soul into.”