If you were a fan of Dragon Ball Z, I have great news for you - the latest version of the planet-exploding series is coming across the ocean to decimate televisions and mobile devices in the United States in January!

I'm just (super) saiyan

Dragon Ball Super is a brand new storyline in the Dragon Ball universe, the first in more than 18 years from Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama!  Regardless of your level of fandom (I am over 9000), this is pretty cool news.

You can catch Dragon Ball Super starting January 7th on Adult Swim at 8:30pm.  The first season will bring you 26 episodes, encompassing the Battle of Gods and Resurrection ‘F’ story arcs.

If you are wondering what will change, let me assure you it will not be the character voices you grew up with - veteran voice actors from previous Dragon Ball will be lending their pipes to the series, including Seán Schemmel (Goku), Christopher R. Sabat (Vegeta), Jason Douglas (Beerus), Ian Sinclair (Whis) and Sonny Strait (Krillin).

The good folks at DBS have even cobbled together a brand new website to keep you up to date.  Check out DragonBallSuperOfficial.com for videos, graphics and character bios plus the latest on Goku &Co.