We are less than one month away from the First Ever Louisiana Comic Con! It goes down February 21st at the Bossier Civic Center and I am TOTALLY JACKED! They have a couple of great guests, some amazing vendors, and several other awesome attractions. And I've already formulated an attack plan, so I can see and do everything I want. Check out my list of Top 5 things you need to check out at the LA Comic Con!

1) Have to see Rob Guillory

First off, if you don't know Rob, run out to Excalibur and buy every issue of Chew you can find because the book is absolutely amazing! The story is great and Rob's art is just awesome! Secondly, Rob is a Louisiana boy hailing from Lafayette. And finally, he does amazing portraits and sketches. I know my first stop is at Rob's booth to get my copy of Chew #1 signed and to commission a piece of custom art!

2) Sam De La Rosa

Second on my hit list is Sam De La Rosa. Sam was never the most prolific or famous artist in the Marvel bullpen, but his work is outstanding. He's the guy that did the amazing art work for Venom: Lethal Protector back in the day. Not to mention, his sketches are as detailed and intricate as you can imagine. You can check out what you get from Sam on his FB page. I'm really looking forward to getting Sam to draw me up something.

3) Cosplayers

I got a feeling the cosplays are going to be amazing! LA Comic Con is bringing in Crystal Star (featured above) and several other "professional" cosplay chicks, but I'm more looking forward to the local guys and gals. I've heard some folks tossing out their ideas and posting pictures of what they are working on and I'm pretty jacked!

4) The Vendors

Holy mother of god, they have some fantastic vendors lined up for this thing! Everybody from Excalibur to the Bat Cave to Zombee Candles to Critical Failure will be there! So, if you're looking for t-shirts, #1 silver age books, or statues they will have it and a WHOLE lot more!

5) Brutus the Barber Beefcake

Now, I will admit, I almost hate myself for being excited for Brutus. I was a HUGE wrestling fan in the 90s and I remember Brutus well. Hulk Hogan's best friend, got screwed by the NWO, etc. etc. etc., and even though there are much bigger stars from that era, Brutus was kinda of a big deal and an entertaining character. So, I'm kinda interested in the idea of meeting the man behind clippers.