Dr. Alex Billioux from the Louisiana's Office of Public Health talks about the Governor's announcement yesterday of the the continuation of Phase II restrictions and how he thinks the state is dealing with the recently imposed stricter guidelines.

John Bel Edwards addressed the state Tuesday about the mandates currently in place, rules the Governor referred to as "Phase II with restrictions," saying that the state would maintain that current status for another two weeks.

Billioux talks about the Edwards announcement, saying, "When we're looking at data, when we're looking at (making) decisions, we're always putting all of the information out there and considering every action."

And Billioux underlines that even the current Edwards mandates are not as strict as though suggested by the federal government. "Having just made changes to Phase II a little over a week ago (the Governor) thought it was prudent to see what is the impact of those changes first."

Billioux also addresses question about the specifics of the Governor's order, e.g., are people from different households not supposed to sit at the same table in restaurants? "Yeah...especially if you're going to be eating or doing something where you have to take your mask down, you really shouldn't be with people outside your household. We're not going back to normal daily life. We're going to a new normal and people over time have forgotten that. You should be mostly staying at home, mostly staying with your household and always be wearing a mask when you're out in public."


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