Let's start with this. We're not going to count the immortal writers like William Shakespeare or Mark Twain or Arthur Conan Doyle, the authors whose almost every work has been made into a movie. Nope. For today, we're going to go with the living guys...and gals. Specifically, the Top Ten Living Authors Whose Books Have Been Made Into Movies.

Quickly, off the top of your head, name those authors with the most books adapted for the (formerly) silver screen. We'll bet that right away you thought of that king-of-horror Stephen King. Okay, that's one. How about the Harry Potter lady, J.K. Rowling? Good job! Now you have two out of our list of ten.

So, only eight more to go...

Here's our list. Authors whose names most often adorn movie credits and are paid quite handsomely for their ideas. You didn't think the aforementioned King is worth five hundred million bucks on book sales alone? Oh, and Potter author Rowling's net assets exceed a billion!

Here ya go...the Top Ten Living Authors Whose Books Have Been Made Into Movies:

Top Ten Living Authors Whose Books have been Made Into Movies


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