If he's tough enough to play the notoriously difficult Warr guitar and Chapman Stick, you know ex-King Crimson guitarist Trey Gunn is no pushover -- as a motorcycle driver in India discovered recently when he collided with Gunn, who was walking on foot.

Gunn related the incident on his Facebook page, saying he'd been enjoying the scenery and "super great food" in Udaipur, a city in the Indian state of Rajasthan. Calling the streets "an obstacle course and a half," he set the scene by explaining that as a foreigner, he tends to move faster and more erratically than pedestrians accustomed to the traffic.

Noticing an opening, Gunn went to cross the street. "I turned back to look the other way and there was a motorcycle headlight bearing right down on me," he recalled. "My body leapt out of the way and I crashed right into another cycle coming from the other direction with no headlamp on. My body retained it composure and, even though I couldn't see anything, I cleaned knocked the guy and his motorcycle over. I was still standing, though pretty stunned. The whole street stopped moving and fell silent as we gathered ourselves back together."

Once everyone made sure there weren't any serious injuries, Gunn and the driver parted ways -- on friendly terms, even. As Gunn put it, "In the normal Indian fashion he was way more concerned about me than either himself or his bike."

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