Word started to break last night from multiple sources that the WGN TV show Salem was being canceled. Which hurt fans of the show, but not as much as it hurt our local community.

For the last three seasons of the show, principle production has taken place in the greater-Shreveport area. Which led to a lot of celebrity encounters, but also a lot of jobs. Louisiana's film industry was booming after state tax credits created a haven for big budget movies and TV series to make their home here. But after the Bobby Jindal Administration capped the film industry tax credits, the productions started to look for more welcoming states.

Is the Salem move a product of the tax credit situation, or a network decision based on viewership? As of the time this is being written, we don't know. What we do know, is this will hurt the Shreveport community, both financially, and in morale.

Here's how some of Shreveport has reacted:

Our hope is that the film tax credit situation will be reevaluated at some point, but with the consistent budget shortfalls for the state, it's unlikely that will happen soon. For now, we'll have to do what Shreveport's been trying to do for decades; come together and support each other after another economic punch.

Our thoughts are will all of those affected by this.