There’s a long-running joke among Twitter users that the microblogging site would lose half its traffic if people stopped tweeting from the toilet. ’Twilight’ star Nikki Reed is going one step further, asking you to quite literally give a s*** for a good cause.

The organization Give a S*** is like many others — its goal is to raise awareness about important issues via social media — but it has one important distinction: it wants you to update your social network statuses with a blurb about your chosen pet cause while you’re going number two.

It’s certainly a novel approach, and the new movement group already has over 1,000 Facebook likes and 300 Twitter followers, plus more than 60,000 people have watched the promotional YouTube video below.

Look at it as the latest form of multi-tasking. Just, uh, don’t forget to wipe.

Watch the video below — NSFW for language and lots of potty humor:

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