Ever since I moved to the south I have sworn up and down that the worst drivers in the U.S. call the south home.

I Am a Confident Driver.

I am not scared of my driving capabilities, but do you know what I am petrified of? Horrid drivers, careless drivers, and it feels like they are all around us in Shreveport-Bossier.

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Did You Know That Two of the States in the Ark-La-Tex Landed on the Naughty List?

The bad driver's list is the naughty list by the way. If you have thought that you have horrible drivers all around you, Car Insurance Comparison just proved your point.

Car Insurance Comparison just published data proving the ten states with the worst drivers. Their researchers took the five bad driving behavior categories and started running numbers.

What are the Five Bad Driving Behaviors?

1. Car accident death rate
2. Failure to obey traffic laws
3. Careless driving
4. Drunk driving
5. Speeding

Louisiana came in at number 5.

The Bayou state ranks high in careless driving and the death rate was very high.

South Carolina and Montana Tied for 3rd.

South Carolina led the nation in car accident death rates and Montana just doesn't like to use seatbelts and they love to speed.

Texas and New Mexico Tied for 1st.

While New Mexico has the most careless drivers in America, Texas loves speeding and they are just plain careless when it comes to driving. The research in the article by CarInsuranceComparisson.com said, "In the careless driving category, Texas’s pedestrian death rate per capita was 2.24. The cyclist death rate per capita was 0.23. Out of all fatal car accidents, 30.71% involved speeding."

You can check out the complete list of bad drivers by clicking here. 

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