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If you're attending a country concert in Bossier City, you will no doubt run into these five people.

I absolutely love going to country concerts. I don't usually listen to country music myself, but there's nothing quite like a massive country concert at the Brookshire's Grocery Arena, The Stage, or the Horseshoe Riverdome. It seems like at least once a month, you'll find one of these massive country concerts.

If you attend these shows, you'll find basically five types of people.


  •  1

    The Die-Hards

    These people are absolutely not there for appearances or fun and games. They are the die-hards, and their knowledge of the artist stretches much further than the one or two songs playing on the radio. They know all of the words to every single song, even the deep-tracks. They've had that concert date scheduled on their calendar since the day it was announced. By my estimation, this type makes up about 10% of the audience. 
  •  2

    The Headliner Only

    These fine folks have all the time in the world to get ready for the show. They don't give a damn about the opening act or anyone on that stage that isn't the headliner. They'll be arriving to the venue at about 8:30-9:00 PM, sure the parking will suck, but at least they'll be able to share a photo on their Instagram so everyone knows they made it. This type makes up about 20% of the audience. 
  •  3

    The Radio Contest Winners

    Ah, yes, I'm most familiar with this type. This person won a radio contest to secure his/her tickets, and chances are they have absolutely no clue who is performing. "If it's free, then it's for me, and I'll take three." Don't get me wrong, some winners absolutely try and try and try some more to win tickets to a concert they REALLY want to go to, but most of them turned on the radio and called in when they hear there's a contest going on, not knowing what they would be winning. This type makes up about 5% of the audience. 
  •  4

    The Drinker

    This person is either one of two things... The person having the most fun, or the person making everyone's life miserable. They are not in the building for the show, instead, they are there to absolutely pound and rip cold ones. Nothing will get in their way of those ice cold beverages. While they are "the drinker", they are generally a good time. Singing and dancing and being friendly with anyone who's looking for a friend. However, the drinker sometimes evolves into "the drunk" and that person is not very fun to be around. This type makes up about 25% of the audience. 
  •  5

    The Shows Up to Anything and Everything

    This person does not miss a show. Ever. It doesn't matter if it's Garth freakin' Brooks or Delbert McClinton, they will be there. These people just like to have a good time with friends and enjoy a little music, no matter who is on that stage. I like this type, they make sure that all the shows in town have a good crowd. This type makes up about 40% of the audience.



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