The bombshell announcement about Torchy's Tacos Louisiana expansion has everyone here wondering the same thing - when will the Shreveport location be ready?  Now we finally have an answer.

Not only do we know that the 3 Louisiana Torchy's has planned for our state will be in Shreveport, Baton Rouge, and Lake Charles - we won't have to wait through the entirety of 2020 to get that delicious Trailer Park taco in our bellies!  The Baton Rouge location will be ready to sling queso in February, with the Lake Charles and Shreveport location following quickly behind in early March (only 6 months away)!

The exact location is still a mystery, but we do know it will be on the west side of the Red River.  The official Torchy's website is taking applications for every position in the restaurant for all 3 locations right now.  If you fancy yourself as a loyal and dependable taco ambassador, submit your info here.

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