I belong to a group of misfits. My best friend's mom brought together her lifelong best friends and her daughter's friends (that’s where I come in) and it’s basically the oddball group that’s laughing way too hard in the corner of the restaurant. Yes we know we are loud, no alcohol isn't needed for a rowdy time.

Krystal Montez

Unfortunately, all of us are in living in different towns all over Texas and Louisiana. We look forward to our coveted Glam Weekends where we all get together for a weekend of fun. There are 4 Glam Weekends a year, and we are never in short supply of something to do. We have gone to get matching tattoos, we have wandered through epic mazes, we sang our hearts out at some epic concerts, but we had never gone full-on ballistic, until last Valentine's Day.

 Madison who always shows up late to our Glam Weekends suggested Unleashed Rage Room in Tyler, Texas for a Valentine's Day adventure. Why aren't more couples going to rage rooms on date nights?
Rage rooms are sometimes called smash rooms or anger rooms. Basically, it's a business where anyone can go and vent your pent-up rage by destroying objects with the “weapons” provided to you.
Take your pick, golf clubs, pipes, tennis rackets, crowbars, bats, the selection of “weapons” was vast. You walk into what looks like a living room filled with furniture and objects that are there for you to smash. Televisions, doors, a mini-fridge, china, glassware, computers, keyboards, the list goes on. You smash it all until there is nothing more for you to smash.
Krystal Montez

I’m all about therapy and letting it all out, but this rage room is a totally different approach at a release of built-up energy and emotions. The quietest ones in the group are the ones who went crazy and on a smashing rampage. It was awesome to watch and smash of course. If you ever need to let it out or take a friend or love interest on a unique date just make the drive to Tyler, Texas and unleash that rage.


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