We wish we were the brother of Victoria Justice’s best friend. The 18-year-old singer and actress has grown beyond Nickelodeon to writing songs for her own forthcoming pop album, and she was recently cast in the lead for the coming-of-age comedy ‘Fun Size.’

Victoria earned her stripes on Nickelodeon shows like ‘iCarly,’ ‘Zoey 101,’ and ‘Victorious.’ She has also graduated to more adult fare, like the convoluted, religious-themed thriller ‘Mary,’ in which she plays a girl who ignores her visions of Mary Magdalene by popping prescription pills.

Adorable Victoria is of Puerto Rican and English, German and Irish descent. She’s been acting since she was 10, and appeared in some of those Ovaltine ads we all grew up with.

For a pop tart, Victoria is especially tasty. She’s also especially talented. Hey, the girl writes her own songs!