Vinnie Paul is an elder statesman at this point in the world of metal. He founded, in my humble opinion, the GREATEST and HARDEST metal band to ever walk the face of the planet: Pantera. And now, he is a member of metal supergroup Hellyeah, who are about to release their 4th studio album "Blood for Blood" Tuesday, June 10th.

So what does Vinnie have to say about Hellyeah and their new album, Pantera's legacy, and all the time he has spent in Shreveport over the years? Listen to my interview with Vinnie and find out.

Thoughts On The New Album

"This is the ULTIMATE Hellyeah album," Paul said. "If you were a fan, you'll love it. If you never were a fan but are willing to give this album a listen, you'll fall in love. If you take the time and put your ears on it, you're gonna be really impressed."

On Fellow Texas Band Nothing More

"I really like this band out of Austin, Texas called Nothing More. They are very cool, very different, very unique. And they are gonna be on tour with us, Five Finger, and Volbeat," Paul said. "So keep your eyes peeled for these guys this fall."

On Pantera's Legacy

"The songs are timeless. They are gonna last forever. The legacy of that band is pretty amazing, and I don't want it ever being tarnished by any kind of hack version of the band going out there," he said. "It's not the same without Dime being apart of it. I think its great history and we need to leave it alone."


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