A huge shout out to KTBS for connecting the TikTok dots for me.

Last week KTBS did a story on a Shreveport teacher who found Fame on TikTok. I had to take a second look, I thought to myself, "No way is the 'why are you up' guy from Shreveport!" It turns out we have another TikTok star in town.

Shreveport Is No Stranger to TikTok Fame

Did you know we have several TikTokers with ties to Shreveport?

We Have All Heard of Addison Rae

The Calvary student garnered over 85.2 million followers and has brought in over 5.5 billion likes, yes, billion.

@addisonreI’m 21 ♎️♎️♎️♎️♬ original sound - SulfateOctagon


We All Love the Hilarious Shreveport Resident TikToker Dalton Smiley

He just gets us, and although he may mock us at times, we are laughing right along because he nails it every time. We especially loved when he was throwing shade at celebrities during the COVID-19 shutdown. Remember this viral video?

@dalton.smileyTimes are tough. Everyone stay strong. We are ALL suffering ♬ original sound - Dalton

Meet Leigh McClendon, he's the coolest teacher we know. He teaches fourth-grade students at a Shreveport elementary school who uses daily interactions with his students to bring humor into our lives.

Is Leigh McClendon's Comedy Working in Shreveport?

McClendon has made over 1,000 videos and his hard and hilarious work is not going unnoticed. 2.2 million followers aren't too shabby, are they? He's known as @leigh_mcnasty on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram.

If you scroll back to when leigh_mcnasty first started on TikTok two years ago you'll see he first started off posting about hunting. However, he started posting teacher skits during his first year of teaching and that's when his TikTok hype took off.

Check out some of our favorite Leigh McClendon videos below.


@leigh_mcnastyKids say some of the most random things… #kids #teachers #teacher #teachersoftiktok #school

♬ original sound - Leigh McClendon

@leigh_mcnasty kids say the most random things #kids #school #teacher #teachersoftiktok #teachers #teacherlife ♬ original sound - Leigh McClendon

@leigh_mcnastyKids say some of the most random things… #kids #teachers #teacher #teachersoftiktok #school

♬ original sound - Leigh McClendon

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