Yesterday was National Cheeseburger Day.  To "celebrate" we put together a little impromptu poll on Facebook asking listeners to tell us who made the best cheeseburger in Shreveport/Bossier.  We posted the Top 5 responses in no particular order.  Seems we underestimated how much people love their favorite burger joint, and how vociferous they would be in extolling the virtues of said joint's cheeseburgers.

We also found that there are quite a few burger snobs in the area; those that wouldn't even consider a burger made at a chain restaurant.  There are those that like their burgers really simple, fried on a flat iron grill.  Some like theirs a little more frou-frou with bean sprouts and all-natural cheese because no American cheese shall touch their lips. Some like 'em with mustard, some with mayo, some with ketchup (who can't possibly be from around these parts.)  But they all agree on one thing, they absolutely love their favorite cheeseboyga..

So, we thought we'd try to end the debate once and for all.  (Hey, we have a right to dream!)  No matter how you like your cheeseburger, this is your chance to tell us the one burger you would have if it was your last one ever.


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