People said it wouldn't happen; at least, not in this lifetime.  The relationships were just too broken to mend.  Axl Rose, Slash, and Duff McKagan performed together for what many considered would be their lat time in 1993.

Then, in May of 2015, Slash said in an interview on CBS This Morning that he and Axl had indeed mended fences.  He said, "A lot of the tension you were talking about has dissipated.  We don't have all those issues anymore."  Presto change-o, the speculation about a possible reunion tour erupted.

Flash forward to January 4th of 2016.  KROQ radio in Los Angeles announced that Slash and Duff were officially rejoining Guns N' Roses and that the band would headline the Coachella festival.  The official tour announcement came on April 1st, the irony of which was not lost on anyone.

After spending much of the past year overseas, the Not In This Lifetime... tour is headed back to the states for the summer of 2017.  On September 6th the band will be playing the Sun Bowl in El Paso and you have the chance to be there.

You could win a trip for two to El Paso with round-trip airfare, 2 nights' hotel, $500 spending cash, and up-close seats to the concert.

Deadline to enter is Sunday night, so sign up now inside the Cockpit at

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