The human animal is a pack animal. We love having our tribes of friends and especially our very close companions. Many of us have one close companion Facebook Official and suggested publicly that we are in a relationship.

There are obvious advantages to sharing the ups and downs of life with a partner. Sometimes it comes in the form of tax breaks for the married. Sometimes it simply comes in the form of feeling loved whether married or not.

If you're looking to save your money then all of those warm and mushy feelings should be put on the back burner. It has been suggested by the website that a single individual will save an average of $3,600 dollars more than those in a dating relationship.

The cost of being in a relationship might seem obvious. There are more meals at restaurants. In fact, those in a relationship tend to eat at more upscale restaurants than their single counterparts. There is also the cost of looking good for your partner. Most people in a relationship have a gym membership. They also tend to spend more money on clothing.

Those in committed relationships tend to spend more on travel as well. While single people are content or relegated to quiet evenings at home and a vacation by the apartment pool. Their involved counterparts are more likely to drive to the beach,take a cruise, or go skiing during the winter.

Don't get us wrong, we are all for love and romance. However if you find yourself saddled with college loans or a car note that's a little too high the romance can wait. You know they say that love is blind. They should also say it's broke too.

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