Folks are buzzing about a ballot that went out this week from the Caddo Parish Republican Party listing candidates the group is supporting in the November 3rd election.

Republican State Representative Alan Seabaugh says "this Republican endorsement mailer was NOT smudged when it was delivered to the US Postal Service. Coincidence?"


But others who says this is not conspiracy say it has more to do with the machines at the post office that are used to sort the mail.

Here's another photo with the smudge in a different place.

Smudge 2

Kelley Matkins also posted this message in response to the Seabaugh post:

I have had many direct mailers smudged in my line of work. I will say the placement of this political one was extremely bizarre and unbelievably the same size as the 5 letters in his name, but amazingly consistent with every glossy paper postcard delivered that day. I even measured the smudge against something I mailed out in early September and the smudge was in the same place then too. It’s just the way the roller grabs them.

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